Photo credit: Adreon Willingham

Photo credit: Adreon Willingham

Hey Shea, if you took the time to follow the link on my business card and visit this site, thank you for that. I hope you enjoy the poster I sent.

I wanted to take this opportunity to shoot my shot. The Ringer has been my favorite website for a while and one of my main goals as a writer is to be published there. Unfortunately, previous story pitches through the website have fallen on deaf ears.

Right now, I want to write about Tim Duncan and Channing Frye’s World of Warcraft Guild. Who was doing raids with NBA players? Did they ever talk basketball? What characters did they play? I’ve started doing the ground work but none of the current sites I am freelancing for fit well with this story, but I think it would be great for The Ringer.

If you could connect me with an editor to send a formal pitch for this story, that would mean a lot to me.

All the best, Mitch

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