A profile of Kylee O'Connor and her father Grady O'Connor. Kylee was a heptathlete at Lane Community College at the time of the video and was coached by her dad. She eventually transferred to the University of Oregon where she ran on the Triple Crown winning Oregon track team.

This video first aired on Father's Day 2016. I worked with a team but was the primary editor, videographer, and writer.

*2018 update: Kylee went from walk-on to finishing third in the Pac-12 Women’s Heptathalon.

A look at Peg Rees' illustrious Oregon career. From a three sport athlete in softball, volleyball and basketball, to a coach facing discrimination for her sexual identity.

Created for Duck TV Sports. Aired January 2017.

I produced, wrote, narrated and edited this video.

A look back at Steve Prefontaine's legendary career featuring interviews with fellow runner Steve Bence and Nike Storyteller Nelson Farris.

Published in February 2016. I produced and narrated this video while helping with the writing and editing.